Bloodborne Pathogens

Book 1: A Scarlet Fever

It was supposed to be one night to blow off steam. But one thing led to another. One look across the dance floor. One sexy stranger invited home. One playful bite too many.

One night that changed Mina Sun’s life. She wakes up to find she’s a reluctant vampire caught in the middle of an ancient battle between opposing forces that both want a piece of her.

As she struggles to adapt to life as one of the undead, and come to terms with her unnatural thirst and unexpected hungers, a new threat arises – part terrifying myth, part half-forgotten legend.

This threat jeopardizes the precarious ceasefire between warring vampire factions, and puts everything she loves – her city, her family, her friends – in danger. Can Mina protect them from the darkness that’s descending, and can she save herself?

Check out chapters 1 to 3.

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Book 2: A Plague of Shadows

Mina Sun needs to die. Despite being one of the undead already.

Too bad she’s a bit busy right now. Her best friend is missing. Her family is pestering her to visit. And she’s struggling to fit in with the group of vampires that invited her to join their conclave. These same vampires make their second thoughts clear in the whispers and sidelong glances when she enters the room.

But Mina doesn’t need their whispers to tell her she’s different. She hears it when her blood sings and feels it when her gut twists, fighting a losing battle against the monster inside. The monster she’s doomed to become.

And now bodies are turning up, sucked so dry they look like mummies. It’s not the gargoyles: they leave a mangled, gnawed-on corpse…if they leave a corpse at all.

Instead, a new evil stalks the night. The best clue to its identity are the dying words of a homeless man, raving about the reign of night, the death of light and a blade of darkness.

Can Mina unravel the riddle, find this new evil and save her friend without releasing the monster inside?

Check out an excerpt with a (sort of) new character.

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Book 3: A Spell of Death

A Spell of Death CoverMina Sun is still alive.

Well, undead actually.

Despite the monsters stalking the city’s alleys and shadowed spaces, she saved herself from her maker and her best friend Cam from the Herald of Night.

And Night still hasn’t come.

But the Librarian thinks the final arcane weapon entangled with the legend of Night has appeared in the city.

Coincidence? Mina’s a little too busy to care. Cam lies comatose, bound by an unknown magic, and unable to share whatever secrets she holds about the Herald or the coming of Night.

And Mina still has to settle things with her family and mother’s estate before she ‘dies’ herself. Jack promised to help her die and untangle herself from the bonds of family.

But Jack is missing, and disease spreads like tendrils of ink through the netherworld.

As Mina struggles to find a way to release Cam and retrieve Jack, she discovers a powerful bargaining chip. But using it might cost her her life. Or worse, her soul.

Can Mina save the people she loves without losing herself?

A Bloodborne Pathogens Novella: A Circus of Devils

Book coverForced to fight in the arena, Beta discovers an aptitude for combat and an appetite for death.

Being a gladiator in a two-bit arena in a dusty city on the edge of an empire may not be the life she expected when she ran away from home, but it’s better than being married off to a monster. Freedom is her ultimate goal – but she’s owned by her gladiatorial school. And being one of its best fighters means she can’t just walk out the door.

Beta sees a way out when a stranger arrives, and the owner of the school makes a bet he can’t afford to lose…but can’t possibly win without her.

Playing against the odds, she takes a chance and soon finds herself fighting in a new set of games against opponents unlike any she’s faced before. Pitted against warriors with abnormal strength and astounding speed, and unsure who’s friend and who’s foe, she fights just to stay alive.

But winning in the Circus of Devils might cost her everything.

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