The year ahead: 2019

This is the time year when people tend to reflect on the past year and make resolutions for the next. I’m not exactly making resolutions, but I think putting goals in writing can be helpful.

2018 in review

I didn’t really do a 2018 wrap-up (other than the ‘books read‘ round-up), but it was a pretty productive year despite always having more on the to-do list than I can get done. I finished A Plague of Shadows, book 2 in Bloodborne Pathogens. It’s published and available in your favourite bookstores. I also completed a novella related to the series, A Circus of Devils, that tells the tale of Bee. It’s free to download if you sign up for my newsletter.

Bloodborne Pathogens covers
The series so far…

Unrelated to Bloodborne Pathogens, I also finished what I’m calling a social sci-fi novella, not related to anything I’ve written. It’s coming out in 2019. And I have a first draft of a sci-fi, space opera waiting in the wings.

Now on to 2019

First on the list — obviously — is completing the final revision of the third Bloodborne Pathogens book. I’ve learned my lesson about making promises about when thing will be out…these things always takes longer than I think.

Next on the list is releasing that sci-fi novella I mentioned above. After that, I have a few stories I’d like to see if I can polish off. But I also need to plot out the rest of the books in the space opera series and revise the first book.

Oh, and a couple of weeks ago I had an idea for a Christmas Bloodborne Pathogens novella, telling the story of when Rhys and Dar met. Hopefully I can get that done next year as well. But I might need to change my travel plans for next year to go to England…for research, you know.

I’d also like to find more ways to support other authors in 2019, sharing more great stories, and possibly author interviews.

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