Travel and my magic power

I seemed to be charmed when it comes to travel. Whenever I travel somewhere that should be warm and sunny…well, it gets unusually warm and sunny at home and cold and rainy at my destination.

When I went to Spain in June a few years ago, it was 15C and overcast or rainy except for a few days. When I went to Costa Rica, same. On my recent trip to Croatia, there was even snow. The fact that we were up in the mountains might have had something to do with it, but I like to think I control the weather. I just wish it listened to what I want.

Nonetheless, I try to take it in stride. I gamely trudged through the mud in the Sierra Nevada. I had a near-death personal growth experience in a jungle storm on a Costa Rican mountain side. And I gleefully tromped through the snow in Croatia. Here’s proof of the snow and the glee:

Smiling in the snow during recent travel in Croatia

I love to travel. (Though I don’t love tourists. I know that’s hypocritical). It gives me the opportunity to learn about different cultures, languages, histories – all things I love. But it also shows how things are the same despite all that.

Despite the snow in Croatia, by the end of my trip, it was sunny and plus 20C. Same in Costa Rica – I ended that trip at the beach in beautiful warm water. While in Spain, I had a sun-drenched day wandering around in Seville. Sigh. I guess I’m charmed after all. (And that’s without mentioning the economic woes, strikes and volcanoes that always seem to happen just outside my travel plans).

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