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Dar and Rhys: A Tale of Two Characters

I’ve seen a few reviews of A Scarlet Fever asking whether there’s more about Rhys and Dar’s relationship future books in the series.

Yes! It’s still a side story but their relationship is definitely developed further in A Plague of Shadows.

I read all the reviews on my books. I hope you don’t mind. Whether they say things that are good, bad or indifferent, I want to know. If they say good things, they make me giddy as a raccoon in an overripe strawberry patch; if they say bad or indifferent things, I want to see if there’s anything I can do better at.

But I don’t tend to respond because “they” say you shouldn’t respond. I don’t always listen to “them”, but I get it in this case — I want you to feel comfortable leaving honest reviews, not like I’m watching over your shoulder.

These comments about Dar and Rhys made me happy. It says to me that others were as intrigued by these secondary characters as I was. I’ve already written about how I fell in love with Bee writing A Scarlet Fever; so much so, that I wrote a novella of her origin story (get A Circus of Devils free if you sign up for my mailing list). I have some rough notes on the tale of Rhys and Dar which I plan to turn into a novella. In the meantime, yes, their relationship plays a more important role in book 2.

Are there other characters you’d like to know better? What secondary characters in other books do you love?

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