Pura Vida: Costa Rica travels

I’m starting to think about travel again, as more and more people are getting vaccinated for COVID-19. But it’s still going to be a while before I’m comfortable booking a trip. So I’ve looking back at previous trips. I have great memories of this trip to Costa Rica, even with the night of apocalytic rain, fer de lance nightmares, and spiders getting cozy. And I’m glad I took the proper camera.

The National Theatre – unfortunately my photo of the best statue is blurry.

Just a really cool building in San Jose, near downtown

Guayabo National Monument – the site has a series of foundations, paths and aqueducts

Surprisingly not the national animal (neither is the sea turtle nor the sloth)

I didn’t get a decent picture of a sloth – but I got one of this venomous beauty. Zoom lenses are great!

I have a habit of taking photos of domestic animals. I love the colourful kit on these cows.

And, finally, even though I don’t take many beach vacations, I was happy to spend the last day here.

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