Getting into Overdrive

Let me tell you a secret about me: before I was a writer, I was a reader. Quel surprise! Okay, maybe that’s not surprising. But I was also the kid who would cozy up with the encyclopedia on a sunny summer afternoon — in the basement! From Armada to Armadillo to Nocturnal. The world wide web has been both a blessing and a curse with its rabbit holes.

But I would also happily spend hours at the library. I still wholeheartedly support the mission of public libraries — everyone should be able to access a variety of books, no matter your funds. And nowadays, no matter their distance from the library itself.

Entering the library was like going on an adventure — you never knew what you’d come out with. And you didn’t have to worry about whether you (or your parents) could afford it, just whether you had room in your alloted lending limit.

For me, looking for books online doesn’t allow for the same exploration and happy discoveries (hello, Cosmos*, what are you?) as being in a library in person. But I also find myself reading ebooks more and more, and books are like places — there are so many wonderful ones, it’s hard to justify reading the same one again. I usually don’t need to own my own copy unless it’s a reference book.

What does this have to do with Overdrive?

book cover
ebook from my library

Well, the stars have aligned — I recently discovered my local library started using Overdrive for ebooks again…and my ereader supports Overdrive!!! Overreaction, I think not.

All of which makes me excited about reading books from my library without ever leaving my home. Given that winter is coming here, this is also a good thing.

*I use what’s called a universal link when I mention books on the website, which links to links, in case you’re interested. Some of those links use affiliate codes, so if you do want to buy the book, I might earn a few pennies. However, if I can find the book on Overdrive, I’ve also started adding that link to the list. You’re library might not stock it (or they might use a different service than Overdrive), but it’s worth asking. The same goes for books by your favourite authors (like me 😉) — if you can’t afford to buy their books or want to read an ebook but support libraries, it’s great to remember you might be able to get it at your local library.

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