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It’s not a resolution…writing goals in 2022

I stopped doing resolutions many years ago. Instead, I reflect then I set goals. The difference between resolutions and goals might seem like splitting hairs but setting goals leaves more room for failure than be it resolved.

“But failure is bad, right?”

Not necessarily. Smart businesses adopt a fail fast mentality – try the creative thing, learn quickly if it works or you need to try something else. But I’m getting off topic.

I decided to write down and share some writing goals this year. Because goals are like resolutions. They have layers you’re more likely to stay with it if people know you’re trying. At least that’s the theory.

First reflection…

I know a lot of folks would agree that 2021 kind of sucked. Did it suck as hard as 2020? It’s a tough call. I think there was a lot of hope that life would be “back to normal” by now. For me, I’d be okay with returning to a different normal — there were definitely things about our old normal that were broken.

At the same time I count myself fortunate. I was able to visit family TWICE this year. I continued to be able to work from home at a day job I still have. I went for walks with friends in the stunning area of the world I live in.

But what about writing?

Last year, well, I kept writing. However, I had one book published. One. I revised another one, and am in the middle of revising a third. I thought I’d do more.

But I did continue growing my digital art skills. Though that also suffered during the summer of migraines.

Now comes 2022

I always think I’m going to be able to finish — write and revise — more books. But this year, I’d like to bring 4 books to completion. However, only one of those has not a single word on paper. I’d also like to get another one drafted…and this is very I over commit.

A Lost Ship in a Dark Grave (The Lyra Cycle Book 2): The next book for my scifi pen name, the revisions on this one need to be done ASAP since it’s already available for preorder, going live on March 1. Ach, the pressure. It’ll be fine, it’s all fine.

Kandi’s tale (title TBD): This is a novella in the Lyra Cycle world. It tells the tale of how Kandi ends up on the cargo ship Lyra. This is drafted and has been through a round of revisions. Once it has a title and a cover, I’d like to get it out to some initial readers before it’s fully foisted on the world.

The Lyra Cycle Book 3: This is also drafted. Very, very roughly drafted. Basically the revision will be a rewrite level of rough…but the bones are there so this one has a good chance for 2022.

The Life of Finn Book 1: Okay, that’s not the actual title but this is new urban fantasy! I’m finally back to the stories that stared it all. I think I’ve mentioned before how I fall in love with side characters. Bee, Dar and Rhys. And now Finn. She’s getting her own spin-off series. Look for more details in 2022.

The Lyra Cycle Book 4: If this one gets drafted this year, I’ll be astonished. But you never know — I’ve surprised myself before. Like yesterday, when I finally caved and put up a hummingbird feeder — the pugnacious, cute, littlle bas…birds were freezing.

What else will 2022 bring?

Who knows. But my other goals for the year are to keep the garden in better nick (ha!) and get back on the digital art learning (more likely). Go for more hikes in my phenomenal neck of the woods and visit family more. Continue to find ways to reduce my impact on the planet…easier when I still don’t feel quite ready to roll the dice with international travel.

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