On Moving

I’ve been a bit quiet lately. There’s a reason. Maybe you can guess from the title of this post … I’m moving.

For the past number of months, searching — and stressing about not finding anything — took up most of my mental space. And now, althoug I’m relieved at finding a place, I have a mountain of work to do to prepare for the move. So, if you hear a little less from me for a little longer, you know why.

I hate moving. Growing up, I moved every couple of years. Seriously. I lived in at least 9 cities before graduating high school. Though I’ve only lived in 7 since then (though that doesn’t count moves with a city – that would be higher). So I’m tired of moving.

That said, there are some benefits to moving — be it literal or figurative movement.

I like to think that I’m not a big consumer. I realize that’s a lie when I move, but it means it’s a good opportunity to declutter and find new homes for things I’m never going to use.

It’s also a good opportunity to dust.

I also get to make my mark on a new place. What colour should I paint the kitchen? Oh, wait, that means I have to paint. There’s a lot of work in my future.

But moving house is also a good opportunity for mental movement. I do love exploring a new area, finding new walks, new coffee shops, new parks. Like walking the same way in the opposite direction, it can give you a new perspective on old places. It’s an opportunity to grow, and maybe meet new people.

Still, I hate moving.

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