Privacy Policy

Apparently I’m supposed to have a privacy policy to let you know what I do with your data…but Mom, you know I’m not going to do anything nefarious with your info, right?

Seriously, if you’ve happened on this page, I wouldn’t know how to do anything nefarious with your data, and I’m too busy being a cog in the corporate machine or sitting on the couch watching Netflix to figure it out.

Who we are

Our website address is: (this was boilerplate…seriously, check About the author if you want to learn more about me).

Cookies & tracking

Yeah, I gave up on resisting cookies a long time ago. I imagine you did too. Somewhere someone some machine stores something that makes the interwebs work more smoothly…see the comment above about my lack of mad scripting skills.

If you leave a comment, you can (if you want) save your name, email address and website in cookies. That means when you come back and leave another comment because you just can’t stay away, you don’t have to enter them all again. These cookies will last for one year.

Yeah, I use Google Analytics, mostly to check when Mom’s taken a look at the site. It shows me pretty graphs, and I can see what countries people are from — hey, Mom didn’t tell me she was going to France. This is all a black box to me. You might not be anonymous to Google, but you are to me.

Update: I’ve learned what a Facebook pixel is…but I haven’t used it on this site yet because I haven’t been arsed to figure out how yet.

Another Update: I figured out affiliate links to Amazon! So if you click on a link to Amazon, mostly from book reviews, AND I’ve gone and updated that post to use the link, Amazon does some tracking in case you buy the book so they can pay me, like, 0.002 cents. Sheesh, I might have rewrite this policy entirely if I keep learning stuff. That’s it — no more learning!

Embedded content from other websites

Yeah, I shamelessly link to images and videos from other sites — they’re just all so much more exciting. This content acts like its still at home. These websites might collect data about you, use cookies, embed additional third-party tracking, and monitor et cetera, et cetera…see their privacy policy for more info.

Email address

If you sign up for my email list (please sign up for my email list if you like my writing), I have your name (optional) and email address. I use Mailchimp (again, too lazy to figure out how to manage this on my own). I try not to be spammy, but you can unsubscribe at any time by clicking the link in the email.

I can see if people have opened the email (yay!) and clicked on a link (double yay!), but that’s about it. I’m not even sure if I can see if you’ve done these things.


If you leave a comment, I’ll read it! Eventually, when I notice five months later that I have a comment. I might even respond. I can see the info you leave in the comment form. The gremlin under the hood might also snag your IP address and browser user agent string (your guess is as good as mine — apparently they both help detect spam, which is most of the comments I get).

And I learned my site has a Gravatar – woot! No idea what that is, but it might capture an anonymized string created from your email address (also called a hash) to see if you are using the Gravatar. You can read more about its privacy policy if you’re interested.

When you post a comment, it’s there for the world to see, forever until the end of time in perpetuity. The comment and the metadata is kept forever. And if you post an image, anyone on the interwebs can download it and extract any embedded data (boo!)…so be careful out there folks. But I won’t do that.

Data sharing

I won’t share your data with anyone, not even Mom. The interweb gremlins, on the other hand, I have no control over.