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Rene Astle is the super secret scifi pen name of C. Rene Astle. So sneaky!

The Dominion Chronicles: The Lyra Cycle

What’s with the long series name, you ask? I love these characters and this world — I have so many ideas for spin-offs and other series. The first series is The Lyra Cycle, following the adventures of the crew of the cargo ship Lyra as they try to scrap while staying out of the notice authorities.

Book 1: A Dead Ship in the Deep Black

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Rule number 1: Whatever you do, don’t open the box.
Well, that’s rule number two actually. Rule number one is don’t take salvage jobs from people who’ve tried to sell you to an Antillian bug salesman.
Neara “Tink” Bell is used to a life of odd jobs and even odder crewmates, working as the engineer and all-around fixer on the cargo ship Lyra. But when the ship picks up two new crew members and a salvage job on a third-rate space station, things go sideways in a cosmic way.
Find out now in this rollercoaster ride of a sci-fi adventure!

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Book 2: A Lost Ship in a Dark Grave

Rule number 27: Don’t trust the weird Sisters.

Or maybe it’s don’t steal from gangsters. Either way…words to live by.

The Lyra is safe. And so is Alek Wa’s secret. His mission is over, and he can leave the ship. But he’s not sure he wants to. And when the Sisters of Elazir drop them into the Green Zone, Alek’s stomach sinks. The last time he was here, he fled with his life and barely got away.

When the gangsters start shooting, their only escape might be to find a lost ship in a dark grave. Can Alek outrun his past? Can Rebeka’s ex survive their reunion? Can the crew find the mystery ship and its treasure? Most importantly, can they get out with their lives?

Find out in this edge-of-your-seat sequel to A Dead Ship in the Deep Black!