A Spell of Death

A Spell of Death CoverTitle: A Spell of Death
Series: Bloodborne Pathogens #3
Genre: , ,

Mina Sun is still alive.

Well, undead actually.

Despite the monsters stalking the city’s alleys and shadowed spaces, she saved herself from her maker and her best friend Cam from the Herald of Night.

And Night still hasn't come.

But the Librarian thinks the final arcane weapon entangled with the legend of Night has appeared in the city.

Coincidence? Mina's a little too busy to care. Cam lies comatose, bound by an unknown magic, and unable to share whatever secrets she holds about the Herald or the coming of Night.

And Mina still has to settle things with her family and mother’s estate before she 'dies' herself. Jack promised to help her die and untangle herself from the bonds of family.

But Jack is missing, and disease spreads like tendrils of ink through the netherworld.

As Mina struggles to find a way to release Cam and retrieve Jack, she discovers a powerful bargaining chip. But using it might cost her her life. Or worse, her soul.

Can Mina save the people she loves without losing herself?

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